Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

Whenever we take our pens or laptops to write, the idea we have been brainstorming on flows rapidly. The issue we often face is concentrating to develop the material we had reflected on or keeping focus to continue working on it. However, below are tips that will help you gain focus whenever you are writing.

Avoid multitasking

When writing, make sure you focus on it and nothing else. Your body and mind should be on what you are writing. Do not undertake any other tasks while writing because you will certainly get carried away. Do not be a jack of all trade because you will be a master of none. It is impossible to serve two masters at a  time. Take one step at a time. Work on developing one idea or doing one thing before moving to the other so as to be more efficient and focused.

Take a break

It is advisable to take a break after an hour or forty five minutes of intense concentration. If you realise that your inspiration is wearing out, it is advisable that you take a little break, relax your brain. It could be just by taking a walk around the house or taking a cup of tea  that you get more inspiration.

Sit upright

Whenever you want to write, make sure you get a desk and a table to sit on. Avoid lying or leaning because it only makes you lazy, sleepy and reluctant.


Keep encouraging yourself as often as possible and don’t be overwhelmed in the midst of your writing. Avoid statements like, ‘I can’t do this, am tired’ and other discouraging statements of the same nature because they won’t help you in anyway. On the contrary, they will make you lose concentration and determination.

Block all visible distraction

In order not to lose concentration while writing, make sure you put away all forms of distractions. Music and noisy places may serve as an inspiration to some writers, but to others, may be a source of  distraction. If you get distracted by music and noisy places, it will be advisable for you to find a peaceful place where you feel comfortable to write.

Above are the guidelines to help you focus whenever you are writing. However, the guidelines vary from person to person because one’s best could be another’s worst. We all have different ways but these guidelines are based on the majority’s opinions and experiences.

                                                                         Edited by Nicholine Akou.