Contributed by Emiliene Alemkeng

Nowadays, many Africans have cultivated the habit of going on adventure to other countries in order to better their lives without taking into consideration the risks involved. To women, the risk is greater yet other ladies don’t care and even express how much they are ready to endure. Adventuring to other countries is a long process and the risks include:


So many people envisage going on adventure to better their lives but what is the essence if you die in the process. They ignore the viability of the route they are undertaking as well as the destination. Going to another country on land will mean you have to pass through thick forests and deserts and will certainly have to face wild animals like Cobras, lions and others which are pretty deadly.


Women who  embark on these journeys should not forget that they are exposed to all sorts of abuses like rape, bestiality, physical torture and others. Even if you succeed in escaping from the wild animals to reach your destination, you will still be exposed to the psychopaths of that country who are waiting for vulnerable women. The people you work for, may abuse you as much as they want since you are under them and no law protects you.


Just a year back, Libyans got into human trafficking where they caught those trying to pass through their country and tortured them, videotaped and sent to the their family members demanding for huge amounts of money before they could be released. When they send the money, they still do not release them and some end up dying from the suffering and torture. So people predicting to go on adventure should consider this before embarking.

Forced Labour

The adventuring countries are characterised by people who are ready to take advantage of every situation no matter what it takes. They know your situation very well so they make you work over hours and might not pay you or give little wages for the excess work which can equally reduce your life span.

                                                                                Edited by Nicholine Akou.

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