Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Success a seven year old girl in Warri, Delta state, Nigeria, was chased away from school for not paying school fees but while returning home, she retaliated. She claimed that it would have been preferable they flogged her than send her away from school. A bystander on seeing her reaction questioned her while videotaping and the video then went viral. The video provoked so many reactions from the public and most especially Nigerian celebrities who felt that children should not be deprived of education due to lack of finance.

Charles Okpaleke took it to his Instagram page and pledged to help her as he says “who can genuinely track down the little girl’s parents! I ‘ll pay her school fees till she’s done with University….and I know God would keep providing for me to accomplish it!”

Also, MR. Jollof, a comedian and a politician, likewise promised to educate Success till her university level. He said, “Please who can locate this child for me? I will give her scholarship till she graduates from the university.  please anyone with useful information should contact me THANK YOU’’

Jim Ikye the famous Nollywood actor also seek to assist her through her parents. As he puts it “pls someone kindly DM this little girl’s parents number to me

This little girl bonfire stay kindled

Thank you.”

Whereas, Ayo Makun, a comedian as well, who came across this video divulges that, little success reminds him of Taju whose life was improved after Nigerian celebrities came to his aid. He went ahead to advice Nigerians to educate other less privileged children around them. “I had a chat with our little friend who simply reminds me of Taju. As I say a big thank you to everyone who promised to help pay success’s fees, it is also important to note that it goes beyond this child”.

No child should be deprived of education no matter what may be the case.  Therefore Success stands in the gap for those children who do not have the opportunity to go to school. So let her story motivate you to see the needs of different children around your locality.

From her wordings it is clear that she is determined to study. While will the world not fight for such children? Big thanks goes to all those people who took it as a challenge to help children attain education.  

                                                                                   Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng