Contributed by Akou Nicholine

Communication is a vital instrument for all human relationships. Without it, we might not be able to understand each other thus creating a big barrier. Most often, some people are even said to be boring because they are unable to make a conversation stimulating and fluent. The fact is that they might not just know the way to go about it, so below are some tips to create a smooth conversation.

Avoid multitasking: Don’t try doing other chores when you are having a conversation with someone. It is advisable to finish chores before entering into a conversation with somebody so you will be focus and show importance to what that person is saying. Therefore, avoid manipulating your phone or using earpiece and pay attention to someone who is putting up a conversation with you.  

Ask questions: Do you have the tendency of nodding your head, not following up and thinking about other issues? It is however not a good thing to do. Even if the conversation is not understandable, endeavor to ask questions that require explanation so you get in the conversation.

Do not equate your experience: Allow the other person to complete the point they are trying to make and don’t struggle to equate your experience with theirs. You should be conscious of the fact that two persons can have similar experiences but it can never be the same. So give a listening ear to the person speaking so that you acquire knowledge on other thoughts.

Keep away the details: This is very important. We should learn to be brief when having discussions on certain topics. Please avoid details such as date, names of everybody involved in the scene and go straight to the point except it is necessary.

Listen: Conversation entails talking and listening. Both of you cannot be talking at the same time so if one person is talking, the other person should listen in order to create a smooth conversation.

                                                                                 Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng