Contributed by Nicholine Akou

People often miss blessings simply because of greed and self-centered attitude. Giving somebody something to eat can actually save their life and you might even be planting a seed you know not when to harvest. Though some ungrateful people will say a plate of food is just an excrement, I tell you today a plate of food is a parcel still to be opened. I share with you a story of a woman who was rewarded abundantly just because she offered a young lady a plate of food.

This woman, living in Buea at UB junction Molyko was selling food at that time. Many students loved buying food from her because she was very compassionate. One fateful afternoon, a girl walked up to her and pleaded she offer her food for free for she had no money to buy and could not guarantee to be able to pay afterward. This woman understood and offered her a plate of rice and beans.

 Years later, the woman received a foreign call and to her greatest surprise, this young lady introduced herself and reminded her that she was the girl she offered food to years ago while she was a student in the University of Buea and that before leaving that day, she copied her number in front of her restaurant. She had graduated and left for Canada on a scholarship. She told her that what she did to her that day could never be forgotten.

 She later sent her three hundred thousand francs and the woman was surprise that just because of a past plate of food she was receiving such an amount of money. The amazement became a shock when she promised to take care of the last of her four children. The one who watched her plate that faithful day. She kept sending money for the child’s school need until she graduated from secondary school. She then sent money for the child’s passport and visa and the child finally joint her in Canada. Since then, that woman’s life has changed completely and they are now good family members just because of a plate of food.

When you are offering somebody something to eat be happy because your reward lies ahead. It might not be from that same person but you can be rewarded through different people and through different means because nobody knows tomorrow. It is necessary to be kind to people and most often just for the sake of kindness.

                                                                             Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng