Contributed by: Akuo Nicoline

Most often, job interviews are difficult moments to deal with especially if you have never gone for one before. There are many people seeking for that particular job you are interested in, so what will make a difference amongst all of you will be the way you tackle your interview questions which implies that you should at least have a clue of the possible questions that could be asked. It is always advisable to do a research beforehand in order to avoid embarrassing yourself in front of the interviewer. Below are a few questions to expect in an interview.

Self-explanation: you will be expected to give a brief elucidation of yourself, please don’t go into a detailed biography. Just talk a little about your temperament and your ambitions in a convincing manner that might give the interviewer constructive thoughts about you.

Reasons why the company should hire you: You might also be required to give reasons why you think the company should hire you. Talk about your qualifications and other initiatives you can bring for the company to grow in other levels. Don’t be scared if you think you are not too qualified. You have to be confident about yourself.

Reasons why you want to work in that company: You will be expected to give reasons why you want to work in that particular company. This implies that your response will prove that you have done a research about the company and you know exactly what you want.

What you intend to achieve in five years and how: You should be able to state your ambition and aspiration in a very convincing manner that will land you a job even in the presidency without a first class degree.

The salary you expect to receive from the job: You should be aware that the interviewer will ask you the amount that you expect the company to pay you. So do a research on similar jobs and don’t be specific with the amount. You can call the amount in ranges.

Your weaknesses: you should also know that you might be asked to list your weaknesses. Never say you don’t have a weakness because everybody has a flaw, being dishonest by saying you don’t have a flaw might only end up costing you any little chance you had in getting that job. Don’t forget to mention to the interviewer that you are a team player and you are willing to work extra hours for the betterment of the company.

       Edited by Jenifer Nesi

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