Contributed by Jenifer Nesi

Not everyone is blessed with very thick eyebrows but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make them thick. Maybe you just over shaved it to a smaller size than what you really wanted. With the evolution of makeup in recent years, eye pencils and powders have been made that will work magic in getting you those thick eyebrows that you want so bad. Below are five easy steps to achieve that.

  1. Start with clean brows: if you are about to step out even after taking a bath, it is always advisable that before apply makeup on your face, you should use your face wipe to clean your face again and same goes for when you want to draw your eyebrow, and always make sure your brows are very dry before you apply anything else on it.
  2. Select and eye pencil that suits your skin tone: in order to achieve natural looking thick eyebrows, it is advisable to use an eye pencil that suits your skin tone so the difference won’t be too striking for everybody to see, thereby making it look too artificial.
  3. Use a spoolie brush: in order to see the uneven lines on your brows, use a spoolie brush to even out all these lines so you can be able to ascertain where to fill and where not to fill in with your eye pencil.
  4. Remember your goal is to achieve the most even eyebrows possible: try not to make the end points of your brows too hard by over filling in the inside corners of your eyebrows. Use and angled brush with a concealer that also suits your skin tone to define the shape of your brows and make it look more natural.
  5. Use a colored gel with the spoolie brush to comb through your brows again to hold the hairs together and also to reduce the amount of pencil used to fill in your brows, so as to make it look very natural and even.

A perfectly shaped eyebrow helps frame the face to look more beautiful and also highlights your eyes even without any additional makeup.

Edited by Akuo Nicoline