Contributed by Jenifer Nesi

8th March, is a day set aside to celebrate women who have stood their ground in the face of adversity in order to bring global innovation. Regarding the theme of 2019 which is, “think equal, build smart, and innovate for change”, we see the clarion call for novel ways to combat feminine subjugation. I give credit to all the feminist activists around the world who insist that women’s voices around the world are heard. Although some women take this day solely as an opportunity to feast and enjoy as is mostly the case in Cameroon, others take the platform to call out against acts of injustice against women in all the corners of the world.

Cameroonian women amongst other women in the world are working hard in various domains to improve on the human condition. Their role as mothers is pivotal to the lives of children since it is often their sole responsibility to nurture and cater for the needs of their children and others in the community. Although these contributions are often taken for granted, we know that it is thanks to women that children get education which helps them to live their dreams. Celebrating Women’s Day for some of these women becomes frenetic, involving several spring break shenanigans that warp the event in negativity.

It is not uncommon to see groups of women drinking heavily while wearing the Women’s Day uniform. Some of these women actually fight with their husbands for money to buy the Women’s Day “Kaba” that is a must have in this society. Others starve their children and spouses on this day as a way of deconstructing the trite maxim that “a woman’s place is in the kitchen”.

As a matter of fact, most Cameroonian young women are more concerned about partying with their friends on this day, without even attempting to find out the true meaning of the day.  At the end of the day, the media is swamped with pictures of drunken women in uniform in the act of “soulever”. Some are captured throwing up or blatantly flirting with young men under the throes of intoxication.

Remember there are women in parts of the world who have no freedoms, they are deprived of the right to go to school, the right to work, the right to choose a spouse and more. While feasting, remember that every negative action only goes to tighten the shackles they wear. I know we have a right to do as we please but on Women’s Day, for the sake of those who are still in captivity, let’s not make public spectacles of ourselves. We are better than that.


 Edited by Louisa Lum