Here’s a teaser of a poetry collection that Lino Publishing and Communications is preparing to distribute in the near future. The collection is titled, Women’s Lives Matter by Louisa Lum. We are dropping this teaser for your reading pleasure as we invite you to hold tight for the full version. Please keep reading, keep commenting, your input is important to us.


Women’s Lives Matter

Free our success

Free our happiness

Free our potential

Free our joy

Free our lives

Free our ambitions

Free our sexuality

Free our bodies

Deliver us from chauvinism


Women’s lives matter, as do yours

We will not be punching bags no more

We will not agree to sinecures no more

We reject victimisation in all its forms.

No to violence against the woman

No to sexual harassment

No to sexual abuse

No to marginalisation

No more double standards

Women’s lives matter too.