Contributed by Jenifer Nesi

In life, there exist different people and these different people all have their basic needs and obviously things they cannot do without especially in this our time and age. Below is a list of things I can’t do without.
Family: these are people that give me reason to work harder, and give me the zeal to want to live so I can continue making them proud and happy. They are the ones who encourage me to rise up when I feel like giving up. Their love is a breath “sustainer”. So I can’t really do without them.
Laptop: many people have their own various reasons for having a laptop but I as a writer cannot do without my laptop because it is through it that I feed myself and it helps me sustain my family.
Phone: it is a supportive element to my laptop. They work hand in glove to provide money. My phone equally gives me joy especially when I receive messages from my loved ones, take pictures and other stuff and all in all just play a game for fun and to pass time.
Friends; this are the people where I gather my inspiration from, their company puts a smile on my face daily.
Walk: walking helps me relax, so I always try to walk around the office for a couple of minutes when I feel stressed. Sitting around is really my thing so yes a little foot exercise always helps for me.
Water: drinking water gives me energy and helps me to eliminate waste products.
Music: it is another thing that gives me inspiration to work. It facilitates my work, helps me to think, it also serves as one the tools I use to invoke my wildest imaginations especially when writing.
Laughter: it is said that laughter helps to increase life span, so I always try that no matter how horrible my day is, I smile a little and remind myself that all of life’s battles and burdens are not placed on my shoulders.
Books; Despite the fact that it is said that if you want to kill people, put the antidote to a drug in a book and ask them to read and so many people will end up dying, I still believe that without these books, life will not be as interesting as it already is. I want my life to turn out like the combination of the different books I have read, especially books that are detailed with feminism, romance, religion and other things.