Contributed by Nicholine Akou

Observations have proven that 75% of people don’t actually know their life purpose when a little is bit risky to be pursuing something without a purpose. Each individual has to identity his or her life purpose in order to make life easy. So the best way to do this is to ask yourself few questions and make sure you have answers to those questions.

Ask yourself, who am I? : Until you identify yourself, you can never know your purpose in life. Some people have the tendency of denying themselves and that is where they begin to miss out their purpose in life. Shout out your names, write it in bold on a sheet of paper, admire it and acknowledge it that it is good.

Ask yourself, what do I love doing? Some people are doing a million things at the same time which is a good thing to be dynamic but you need to know what you really like doing if not you might miss out you purpose in life. Don’t be ashamed to equally shout it out. Write it down in bold, admire it and be prepared to put it into practice if not, you might miss your purpose.

Ask yourself, to whom am I doing these things for? Unless you identify the people you are working for, you might waste out your energy on earth without attaining your life’s purpose. Therefore it is important to know the people you are working for, write them down, love them and be ready to work well for them.

Ask yourself; what am I doing? Is it what these people need? This is very important because you giving people what they don’t need is a waste of time. Find out what they actually need and make sure you provide it to them.

Finally, what did these people get out of it? This should always be the last question on your mind. Were these people happy at the end or sad? Basically, your end results should be happiness only then can you say you are working towards your life’s purpose.