Contributed by Nicholine Akou

People turn to fight physical battles forgetting that, they carry a dangerous one within them. Internal battles are the most difficult battles that an individual needs to terminate. Laird Hamilton says “make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears” So it is advisable to avoid things that will provoke war within yourself rather than allow them to grow and become difficult to overcome. Below are five things that incite war within.

Expectations: when you expect too much from people, be it friends, family members and society, you are digging your own grave because when your expectations are not met, you are going to feel disappointed which most at times leads to a war within. Stop expecting too much from other people and save yourself the stress of fighting a war within.

Assumptions: when you keep assuming things instead of finding a resolution to the problems, you are merely creating an internal battle for yourself that is practically a threat to your sanity. Halt assuming and tackle the things which need to be done.

Low self-esteem: this is the worst thing that can happen to somebody. When you look down on yourself, you are creating a continuous battle within. Learn to appreciate and respect yourself, because you are worth more than you think.

Refusing to accept mistakes: it is very difficult for some people to accept their mistakes and forget about them. They keep blaming themselves for what happened hence, creating an internal war within themselves .Robert Green says “when something goes wrong, look deep into yourself- not in an emotional way to blame yourself or indulge your feelings of guilt , but to make sure that  you start your next campaign with a firmer step and greater vision.”

Struggling to question life: most often, some people are interested in questioning life instead of taking life the way it is.

The above mentioned points are the most common causes of war within.