Contributed by Jenifer Nesi

It leaves me perplexed to think that people smoke despite the fact that it is boldly written on the packs of cigarette that; Tobacco destroys your health. Well, maybe people don’t usually take out the time to read what is written on the packs of those cigarettes. Because of this, I have decided to emphasize on the harmful effects of smoking so that someone somewhere might read it and be touched. Below are three disadvantages of smoking.

  1. Causes lung cancer: some people say that smoking helps to give them the “liver” to face obnoxious situations and also makes them very audacious in the mist of other people. What they all forget to know is that, smoking gives you the “liver” and at the same time, it darkens it and destroy your lungs which simply leads to your early grave or sends you to the hospital where you will end up spending all the little cash that you might have saved.
  2. Damages the health of the people around you: people smoke for their pleasure and forget that while they smoke, not only their health but the well-being of other innocent people around them is being affected. This is because while they puff out the smoke, anybody around them automatically inhales it even if they don’t wish to.
  3. Smoking causes black lips: any young man or woman who smokes is likely to have black lips because the smoke from the cigarette darkens them. If you want to keep your lips pink and beautiful, I will suggest, if you are a smoker you should try to stop smoking and if you don’t smoke don’t even consider it.

Above, are the three negative effects of smoking that affects directly anybody that smokes no matter how old or young they are. My advice is if you don’t think smoking is damaging your health, don’t stop it for yourself, but stop it for the innocent people around you who will turn to get the same consequences as you even if they don’t smoke.

Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng