Contributed by Nicholine Akou

There are instances in life that you keep wondering if actually you are living in the same world as others. You toil day and night but at the end of the day, you end up in debts, wondering if you are actually cursed or not, to the point where, you feel like committing suicide.  Please do not bother too much about those situations. All you need is to trust yourself because those difficult moments are what I call setbacks to your progress. Give yourself another chance to make things right. As long as you are still breathing, do not allow yourself to be humiliated.

I so much admired this lady in a party I attended. In a crowd of about three hundred people, she was among the ten ladies who were called out in the opening of the dance floor. Before the dance actually began, rules were made that men were supposed to leave their seats and go make a choice among these ladies. This particular lady was properly dressed and equally looked beautiful.

When the DJ played the music, men left their seats and made their choices among these ladies except this particular lady. She stood in front of crowd alone and everybody was surprise that nobody walked up to her. I looked at her and felt pity for her. I wondered if it was a plan act but it was nothing of that sort. The DJ stopped the music and the coordinator pleaded that, one man should go to the lady before the dance could properly begin but nobody stood up.

This lady told the DJ to play the music and as they began to dance, she was dancing alone. It got to a point where everybody was focusing on her. She danced like she had a man, turns the party into a fun club. Other people stopped and sat down but she continued dancing. Before everybody could realize, we were all dancing at the same time and a man rushed and put an amount of twenty thousand francs on her face.

If there is one thing I learnt from her, is to fight against humiliation because, if it were another person, she would have left the occasion immediately but this lady was able to turn humiliation to happiness. No matter the occasion you find yourself in, do not allow yourself to be chastened.

Edited By Solange Chin