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Contributed by Nicholine Akou

The abuse of women by men has become a normal routine and there are no remorse feelings towards it. The bible clearly states that, women are to be loved so where on earth is beating defined as love? Young ladies please take your time to make a choice of a suitor. Please don’t go for vampires because you might end up as a handicap when you did not encounter a road accident. You should not also allow a man to keep you in his house without paying your bride price. He will not respect you and even if he does at the beginning, it will not last. This is the case with a young lady who left their house and packed into a bike rider’s house with nothing paid on her head.

At the beginning, things were going on smoothly and the man claimed to love her. Immediately the lady got pregnant, everything turned against her. The guy maltreated this lady to the extent that he was not even giving her money to cook and take care of herself.

This fateful day, this guy left the house in the morning and came back at about two pm. Immediately he entered the house, we heard noise coming from the house as he was insulting the lady as useless, prostitute  and  cheap. Suddenly things were falling down in their room. Nobody could imagine that the guy was beating that pregnant lady. The lady cried but she could not go out because the guy had locked the door.

Neighbors knocked on the door, but this guy refused to open then a man forced it and the girl ran outside crying and sweating. We thought the guy will let her go but he followed her outside and hit her spinal cord. This lady fell and started bleeding while some neighbors rushed her to the hospital, another young man engaged into fight with her husband. He was well beaten and insulted for maltreating and beating a lady in such condition.

When he was asked the reason for beating this lady, he said the lady took money from his wallet without informing him. What a man?  He was reported to the police by the quarter head and he was locked up for such an act.

Ladies please stay in your fathers’ houses and wait for the men who will love, respect and care for you than to risk your lives to men who are not worthy.

Edited by Solange Chin


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