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Contributed by Jenifer Nesi

We ladies love to look good naturally but some of us can’t do without our synthetic nails, fake lashes and other artificial beauty stuffs. Well let’s discuss about the basic necessities for artificial nails.

  1. Nails: if you want to do your nails obviously you need to have your artificial nails it is advisable to buy the already made nails so as to avoid giving yourself too much work, especially if you want to do your nails personally.
  2. Glue: you need the glued so as to hold the nails on to your real nails for a longer period. To avoid getting fungi, I will advise you don’t glue the nails too close to your finger skin.
  3. Nail polish: sometimes the nail polish is not necessary because the nails are already arranged in a way you need to just glue to your fingers but to get a more brighter look on your fingers, you should buy a nice looking nail polish of your choice.
  4. Nail file: before you glue the nails to your real nails it is always advisable to file your nails so as to reduce some dirt and help the glue hold on tight to the nails.

Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng