Contributed by Jenifer Nesi

2018 is not like back in the 80s and 90s when children knew nothing about dating and a woman was allowed to be with the man she is married to. Nowadays, adolescents start dating at very early ages sometimes as young as 15. The surprising thing is that these youth go as far as fighting for a girl perhaps because they love unconditionally. The society has accepted this change since it is said change is constant and the only thing we can do about it is accept it the way it comes.

Two days ago on my way to work, at about 8am I saw two students standing and arguing instead of looking for means to get into the school campus or go home since they were already late and the school gate was closed but they did not border. {Ok, I know I would not go home either if I was the one due to the punishment awaiting at home but anyway we are not talking about me}. As I stood there and it was difficult to get a bike, the argument soon turn to shouting and before I realized, one of the teenager gave a tight fist blow to the other one’s face and shouted ‘leave her alone she is my girl’ That got me a little confused because the two boys I saw fighting looked like they were not up to 16. Their fight called people’s attention and mine as well. I decided to go closer and listen to what would really cause two teenagers fight so early in the morning.

When I moved closer I could hear them throwing punches at each other that seem to really hurt but none of them wanted to give up. I then thought if it is for a girl they are fighting, then she must be really important. But why were they fighting over her? That was a question I wanted an answer so badly so I had to continue watching and did not even border much if I got into trouble at work for being late. After these two kids had been separated, I went up to the one that looked a little bit older and asked him what happened.  I was shocked when he told me the other kid he was fighting with sent a letter to his girlfriend and he saw it then warned him the first time but he kept on going after her. He kept calling her and sending love messages to her that’s why he decided to stay away from school and teach him a lesson so that maybe he would finally leave his girl alone.

It got me wondering like who said there are kids left on this earth who know nothing about life. If a teenager of about 15years old knows that he has to take care of his girlfriend and even fight to protect her from other guys then I think adults will even kill to protect the woman they truly love. It is rather unfortunate that some adults of now our days care more about making money than take care of their women. This world is a strange place!!!!

Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng