Contributed by  Emiliene Alemkeng

At times, we are faced with a situation and instead of confronting that situation, we get scared and allow people to take advantage of us. It is always advisable to gain courage and act in certain situations because sometimes, just a little effort is needed to save the whole scene. A girl of 12 was able to save her whole family from thieves due to her outstanding courage.

One night while she and her family were preparing to go to bed, thieves invaded their house with guns which were latter realised to be toy guns. They threatened her mother and father to lie down and cover their heads on the ground which they did out of fear.

While her parents were lying on the floor, the thieves went in to her father’s bedroom and took the money he just brought back from work. They also stole a lot of other items from the house and were about to leave but one of them started looking at the little girl, who was seated looking very frightened even though she had not been threatened because of her age and the fact that she looked harmless.

As he started looking at her, the other thieves came back and one of them started removing his belt. The girl’s father and mother could not do anything other than watch how their daughter was about to be raped. The little girl called on her parents to help her as one of these men started harassing her, but her parents could not react out of fear. The young girl gained courage from God knows where and kicked the pig between his legs and he fell off. The other thieves followed her as she ran, forgetting her parents who took it as an opportunity to alert the police who later came in and took the thieves away.

If this girl had not defended herself, she would have been raped and the thieves would have gone with the money and items they stole. So, at times, it is good to overcome our fears and face some situations no matter how delicate or difficult they may seem, just a little effort and determination can save the day.

Edited by Jennifer Nesi