Contributed by Jennifer Nesi

It is easy to have a crush on someone, be it a woman or a man but most definitely it is not easy to get them to notice and much less like you back even though in some very rare cases the people we crush on might also have a crush on us. But like I said it is only in rare cases. It is very hard and heart aching to like someone who does not even notice you, below are five ways to get your crush interested in you.

  1. Be a positive person: it is always good to be optimistic about life and everything it offers you and plus everybody likes a positive person so they can bring some hope when there’s very little hope. A man or woman you like will obviously notice you if you are always the one who says “Let’s just try one more time, a miracle could happen” no matter how unobservant this man of woman is, they will notice your positive energy.
  2. Be confident: being confident is very captivating, be it about how you are dressed or a business deal or your work skill. Once your crush notices that you are the kind of person who does not easily get intimidated by what people have to say or do because you are confident in everything you do and have a strong will to succeed, trust me even if he does not like you in that way he will want to get to know you and be friends.
  3. Be sociable: you should be able to hang out with other people other than yourself, nobody wants an anti-social man or woman to be with because it is a complete turn off and boring move for both men and women. If your crush notices you hanging around other people and laughing with them, he will realize that you are a fun person and who knows he might want to hang out with you sometime and before you know it, you guys are on the tenth date.
  4. Try to create small talk with them: if it is a man and you guys are in the same school, you might want to try asking him to help you with an assignment or a school project. If it is a girl, you might want to ask her to help you study for a test or anything that has to do with studying because girls are usually nice and helpful. If it is a colleague at your job site, simply ask him or her to help you with sorting out certain files, or their opinions in a certain project and after that I can assure you something might come out of it and you both might head to your first date.
  5. Don’t lose hope: if things don’t work out, don’t lose hope because it does not mean you two can’t be friends and who knows maybe in the future he or she might realize that they also like you and if you are still sticking around waiting for them you guys might just hit it off after all love is a strange thing and it comes when it is least expected.