Contributed by  Emiliene Alemkeng

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa, also known as Saint Teresa of Calcutta was born in Albania on the 26 of August 1910 and died 5 September. She was a Catholic Missionary who did lots of missionary work without asking for anything in return. She spent her whole life advocating for peace and helping people in distress. She founded the missionary of charity in 1950 and it was active in about 133 countries. The congregation of sisters managed homes of people suffering from HIV, Leprosy, and tuberculosis and also took care of the poor and orphans. She received lots of honors like the Nobel peace prize. She is also known for a famous quote “Peace begins with a smile”

Joan of Arc or the maid of Orléans

Joan is considered the heroine of France this is so because she actually deserves it due to her heroic actions. She was born on January 6 1412 and died 1431 but her 19 years on earth did not go in vain. Her role played during the hundred year’s war made her the heroine. She claimed to have received visions of Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret and Saint Catherine of Alexandra instructing her to support Charles II to recover France from English domination. Her victories led to the freedom of France but she was later betrayed, tried and burnt alive. She however remains a popular figure in literature, painting and other works of art since the time of her death.

Oprah Winfrey

She remains one of the most inspirational figure to all women due to her courage and determination to fight on. She faced a lot of challenges but never gave up not even for once. She was sexually harassed at several occasions of her young age but did not let her trauma get in the way of reaching her dreams, like any young girl in her shoe will do. At the professional level, it was not peachy and creamy. She was rejected at many television stations and encountered lots of problems where she was accepted but she still did not give up rather, she seized the opportunity to create her own show. Today she is one of the riches woman in the world.

J K Rowling

J K Rowling is the author of one of the most inspirational success stories of our time Harry potter. When you see her today, it seems her life was a bed of roses but that is not the case. Rowling fought a lot of complications like her divorce and the fact that she had to take care of her child as a single mom not forgetting that most publishing houses did not want to publish her works. She did not give up along the road rather she saw that as a driving force to success. Today, women quote her, children do too and men do same.

Michelle Robinson Obama

The ex-first lady of America is an American lawyer, university administrator and a writer. She was born on January 17 1964. As the first lady, she was a role model to all women and advocated for freedom and liberty. She also worked as the spokesperson to poverty awareness, physical activity and healthy eating. She supported her husband Barack Obama in his political journey and from all indications, her support was fruitful.

Edited by Jenifer Nesi