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Contributed by Jenifer Nesi

Most of us are often too scared to take our destiny into our own hands because the thought of failure terrifies us. We however forget to know that if we do not try, we will never succeed. We cannot always play it safe all the times, sometimes, we need to take risk in order to achieve our goals if not we will remain on a particular spot in life. When I say fear kills, I don’t mean the natural departure from life but it rather entails all the opportunities you might miss because you are too scared to dare things others won’t do. What makes you different and special is the things you can do that others don’t have the courage to venture in. Fear can make you lose your life for little situations you could have controlled if you were not scared. Just imagine yourself crossing the road, then a car comes in speed while you are already In the middle of the road. The moment you panic, you can get hit by that car because you won’t know whether to go forward or backward.

Fear is the product of down siding thoughts that dance through our minds. The reason people are asked to be fearless is so they can know and understand that danger is real and not undermine it in order to prepare their minds. You choose to fear or not to but I tell you the best thing to do for yourself is to choose to face your menaces because it is the fastest way to be able to deal with a given danger at a particular time. If we allow fear control our thoughts and actions, then we will always loose great opportunities and so many people can even lose their lives during situations that could possibly be handled. If surgeons were afraid to practice their delicate job, maybe nobody will ever get an opportunity or second chance to live after suffering from  brain tumor, heart disease, tumor or appendicitis because they all entail that one be operated on.

Fear also kills growth. You will never be able to grow and be an adult you are if you fear challenges and obstacles. Fear is something that will make you even pee on your bed simply because you are afraid to move outside. In your mind, demons are standing outside waiting to eat you up not knowing it’s just fear because demons don’t just not the case.

Fear kills dreams because very talented people go around feeling unhappy and angry simply because they are afraid to go and follow their dreams. The fear of rejection keeps you sleeping in your bed when you should be out there going for auditions or interviews for those things you love doing. You keep asking yourself pessimistic questions like what if am rejected. What if someone tells me am not good enough? One thing we should understand is that nothing good comes easy so we have to keep fear aside and dare things. Life is filled with so many ups and downs and we need to face all the situations that life throws at us with courage and try to make something good out of the bad ones while celebrating the good ones. No matter how many times we try to run away from it, one time or another we will face rejection and if we don’t decide to stand up and face it like the strong people we are, it will end up destroying our dreams and aspirations. “Change your life today, and stop gambling on fear and failure. Just act without delay and see how easily your life will change”

Edited by Emiliene Alemkeng