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Contributed by:Emiliene Alemkeng

Douala recorded another deadly accident. It has become a recurrent thing that people die due to reckless driving. In 2017, Cameroon recorded more than 45000 accidents and Douala is one of the cities with the highest rate due to bad roads and congestion. So my worry is who is to be blamed? Is it the security which fails to do proper control to make sure that drunks and trucks should not be on the road, or better still, are they the drivers who are not conscious enough?

Saturday 29th September 2018 at noon, a young girl was crushed by a truck transporting gravel at Feu rouge Bessenge Douala. Unfortunately, this child died instantly and was transported to a nearby mortuary.

According to an eye witness, this child happened to be selling food at the road site with her mother when a truck transporting gravel ran in to them at top speed. The child’s mother ran only to realise that she had left her daughter behind who tragically got crushed. The poor woman was inconsolable.

The angry mob destroyed the truck in search of the reckless driver who had already fled. In anger, some people threatened to burn down the truck but the police intervened.

Whether we like it or not, the security needs to lay emphasis on reckless driving as well as ban circulation in the course of the day. They should equally avoid bribery and the culprits should be severely punished.

Edited by Nicholine