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Contributed by: Solange Chin

In most countries, children born with inability are often considered a bad omen to some families and thus are not always allowed to leave their homes and interacting with other children. Others are born normally but with time, the mysteries of life like accident and illness may render them incapable. Others may have a particular inability visible to others, thereby making them uncomfortable. We should learn to accept and love people the way they are no matter how bad their physical inability is because we are all unique and special in Gods eyes.

Martin popularly known as Bobey, is a native of Ebal in the North West Region of Cameroon. He was born without legs and just one hand; despite the medical treatment attempted on him at his birth, nothing could be done to remedy his situation. Though physically challenged, he never allowed his inability to define him. He faced so many difficulties in movement, since he had no wheel chair, and had to crawl on the ground in order to reach school. Some of his mates pitied him which was something he detested while others made him an object of laughter, and nicknamed him “Bobey the cripple”.

While in school, he also found difficulties in sitting and most of the time; his teacher will assist him by lifting him which always aroused laughter in class. Despite all these difficulties, Bobey did exceptionally well in his primary and secondary school as he was always at the top. He sat for his ordinary levels just once and made it in all his eight papers with good grades. Due to lack of finances to further his education, he was forced to quit school.

Besides being educated, Bobey was born with a talent of making and mending shoes. One of his greatest dreams was to open a place of his own where he could showcase his handwork and train others in the domain. He made quality shoes which he sold to the villagers especially the chiefs who were considered the richest in the village. Today, he is a great business man in shoe making as he exports it to different towns and also has a small training center where he trains others in the domain.

Bobey’s story is an indication that inability should not be a barrier or excuse not to be successful because if you are determined and hardworking, inability won’t be a barrier to your dream.