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Contributed by:  Nicholine Akou

As the world evolves, so do people and opinions. Your way of life has a great effect on someone. Therefore it is important to be unique, because your uniqueness is what defines you as a person. Though things are changing, go along with the change but your attitude towards people should not change.  You are somebody‘s role model, so don’t force yourself to be someone you are not because you stand as an example to those who look up to you. There is no need doing things to please others because no matter how you are, there’s someone out there who looks up to you. What you should do is work on improving your flaws, so that those looking up to you copy the right things.

We have to be comfortable with who and what we are. There is somebody out there who admires the way you look, eat, walk, and the way you dress, don’t allow people to degrade you, be a model to yourself. If you feel too fat and uncomfortable in your skin, hit the gym and work out until you are confident and comfortable with your body. Wear dresses that suit your shape and if you must do make up, follow the shape of your face. Always try to wear a smile on your face, no matter how bad your day is because smiling gives your face a certain brightness which will definitely lighten someone else’s mood, making you a good influence to the people around you.

No matter how you are, if you are proud of yourself and work hard, nothing can be too difficult for you to do. I was amazed when this young blind man defended his PhD thesis in the University of Buea. People were amazed at his overwhelming presentation. Also, there is this blind lady who was able to inspire people in the manner in which she played the piano in a wedding. Don’t let your disability or lack of anything hold you back, be proud of yourself and make use of what you have to create an impact in the lives of others.