Contributed by: Jenifer Nesi

Every woman when leaving the house has it like a habit to throw in things like lip-gloss, a mirror, nail file and many other small items that we feel we need. I am not trying to say that these things are not important but there are other far more important things that a woman should always have in their purse before leaving the house. Today our tutorial is going to focus on five of those things and why I think they are more important than the extra lipstick and mirror.

  1. Hand sanitizer: it is advisable that you always have in your bag among other things a little bottle of hand sanitizer because, while you are out you turn to greet people and you don’t know what these people did with their hands before greeting you. So for your own personal hygiene, you should use hand sanitizer to avoid the germs they might have left after greeting you. It is not only after greeting people that you could pick up germs, you might need to use the rest room and after using it you don’t get soap to wash your hands properly, there your hand sanitizer will come in handy.
  2. Always have one hygienic pad: as women, our monthly periods come differently and some people know exactly when their period is expected to come but I will like to advise that, to be on the safe side, when you are already five to three days to your period, always have in your bag at least one sanitary pad.
  3. Have in your bag some extra chewing gum: there’s nothing as irritating as bad breath it might lead to a very bad day because you will end up not feeling comfortable. To avoid being mortified and feeling uncomfortable among your friends or coworkers, always keep a pack of chewing gum in your bag advisably Mentos, which you can throw into your mouth at any moment you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Pain killers: you don’t want an unwanted headache to spoil your party, your meeting, stop you from completing your daily task at work or school so when leaving your house, try to throw some pain killers into your bag to avoid such a situation.
  5. You phone’s charger: your phone’s battery might run out of charge at a moment when you need to make an important call or waiting on a call from someone as important as a prospective client. Having your charger on you will help in situations like this and ease you the stress of looking around for who to borrow a charger.

The five items above are not the only important things a lady should have in her purse. There are many others that will be discussed in our next week’s tutorial but for now I think the above are way more important than a few other items we think of throwing into our bags regularly.