Contributed by: Jenifer Nesi

Becoming a popular actor or actress, is the dream of many upcoming actors but unfortunately only a few accomplish their dream of being successful as actors. To become famous as an actor means you need to overcome a lot of competition because everyone is talented in their own way it is only left on you to be different. Below are five steps to help you become popular.

  1. Go to auditions; go to any and every casting call you receive I know that in the process people will call you notorious but there’s no popular person that people don’t talk about so until you hit that big role that will make you shine don’t stop going for auditions you never know where your luck will come from.
  2. Attend Movie premieres; when you go to movie premieres, you meet so many people introduce yourself, tell them you love acting and you are an aspiring actress you will never know who is watching you and one day you might just receive that life changing call.
  3. Be a private person; what I mean is your personal life should be kept very private you don’t want to have negative scandals even before you become popular. It is actually true that some people say all publicity is good publicity but trust me there is bad publicity that can make you lose your carrier even before you gain it and we don’t want that. The things you do today will always come back to hunt you in the future especially when you become successful. It is better safe than sorry.
  4. Don’t post just any sort of picture on social media; it is said that first impression matters which is very true because when someone meets you for the first time the first thing he judges you with is your physical appearance before what you know or what you can do. If you post a blurry picture which makes you look ugly people will think you are naturally ugly. Your write ups too should be educational. I am not saying looking beautiful or posting beautiful pictures makes you a good actress but your looks matter a lot no matter how talented you are.
  5. Help promote movies: if you are on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites help share posters of upcoming movies, help to advertise about upcoming movie premiers and also watch movies. PS, learn about your favorite actors and actresses and try to know how they managed to become successful.