Contributed by: Jenifer Nesi

It is possible we may say life is difficult. This may be as a result of some of us giving up on our dreams due to the failures we have encountered. I will like to tell you all today that successful people are people who failed so many times but did not stop themselves from forging ahead to attain their dreams. Take a look at Nelson Mandela who was jailed for 27 years. That did not stop him from fighting against apartheid. His patience and resilience led him to become the president of South Africa. Oprah Winfrey also went through child abuse when growing up and many other things but today she is one of the richest women in the world and a motivation to many other women. This goes to show that no matter what or how difficult your journey seems, if you keep pushing forward, harder and waking up each time you fall consistently, you will eventually make it to your dream.

Let’s take a look at my story and how I got to where I am today. I hope it will encourage you not to give up.

Back in primary and secondary school, I never repeated any class so I succeeded in getting admission into the university at the age of 18 which was my greatest dream to complete school early enough so I could get a job and become the youngest successful daughter in my family. Unfortunately, this dream seemed to be failing me back then after I failed in three courses in my second year which meant I had to repeat that level. My friends who found out that they too did not make it into the third year, dropped out. Some traveled abroad, another got married while the other stayed home. According to the latter, school was not her thing. Therefore, I was left all alone. I was obliged to spend a whole academic year in level two for the three courses. I felt hurt and disappointed because I was not used to failing and my parents did not make things any easier for me. They kept telling me how disappointed they were at me and how if I fail again, they would stop paying my fee. After breaking down more than one time I decided I was going to use my free time that year to write stories since I had always wanted to be a writer. I equally made sure I acquire pass marks on the courses which I did.

During the first semester of level III, I experienced boredom because I had no friends though that did not stop me from going to school. Something very amazing happened to me during the second semester; we had to specialize on either English language or literature so I choose literature and my favorite literature lecturer from level one had to teach us three of our courses. Thanks to her, I made it in the second semester with very good grades and she is currently teaching me how to become a creative writer something I have always loved to do.

The reason I am telling this story is so that you can understand that sometimes you fail not because you don’t know what you are doing or that you are not talented but you fail because God has something better planned for you. Have faith in yourself and wakeup and keep pushing.