Contributed by: Solange Chin

He is MBIETOW BRANDON THEBOHNWI a ten year old boy who was found dead in the Omnisport neighbourhood, Douala on Sunday morning (23/09/2018). According to a witness account, this boy left the house to go study with his friend but never returned. After several hours of waiting, his parents assumed he slept at his friend’s. Later on, they were saddened by the news that Brandon was lying lifeless in a flooded drainage culvert which was under construction. Thanks to the army rescue unit, the corpse was retrieved and taken to the morgue.  According to security sources, young Brandon was assassinated before dropped in the drainage. Investigations have been opened.

It should be noted that the Omnisport neighbourhood in the past couple of years has recorded a high rate of insecurity. Therefore, vigilance and caution should be heightened within and around its environs as well as nocturnal movement be avoided by all means whatever the pretext. Parents are equally advised to pay attention to the whereabouts of their kids.