Contributed byNicholine Akou

What’s that thing eating you up? That makes you feel the world is about to crumble to the extent you feel deserted. Those people out there flourishing, began from somewhere. You certainly attain your goals. It is just a matter of time. All those billionaires started counting from the least you can ever imagine. All you need, is to be focused on what you truly desire with great determination, patience, humility, endurance, sincerity including faithfulness in all your dealings and you will be surprise at your advancement. I share with you this beautiful story of mine, hoping it might encourage you to keep on pushing.

The truth about life is that it is not a platter of gold. Everyone has experienced tough moments so have I. I’m the fourth child in my family definitely the last who had the opportunity of being educated besides being a female in this biased society. I started primary one with no hand board, no books not even a uniform to wear but I still managed the one my mother could afford. My father never had time for me but I kept on pushing forward. I struggled with my mother by helping her sell groundnuts, boiled corn, roasted corn, vegetables and so on. I never lost hope because I knew I got better dreams to attain.

From primary school, it was another difficult task I embarked on. This time around my mother stepped back and suggested I learn a trade but my determination to study was the motivational force that kept me going. While at secondary school, I sold fried groundnuts, mangoes and so on in order to pay my fees. In school my friends laughed at me but that didn’t bother me because something kept telling me a better future awaits me. Reading books written by women particularly encouraged me. We also had female teachers who produced outstanding results, making a relevant contribution to nation building in the society as a whole and they were respected for that. I told myself everyone can, so could I. I worked harder, studied harder and I managed to make my way into the university. While at the university, I sold peanuts, corn fufu and vegetables and so many other things.  I never gave up until I was lucky enough to have met this young and intelligent lecturer who helped me to build up my dreams. She stood by me, encouraging me day after day and at the end, I graduated from the university with outstanding results.

You should not be discouraged by all the challenges you are going through in life for they are there to make you strong. Just be patient and strive harder. Success does not only come from intelligence but from humility, consciousness, patience sincerity, faithfulness, determination and above all be prayerful. Those flourishing out there are humans just like you. Hold on to your abilities and you will be amazed at your achievements.