Contributed by: Emiliene Alemkeng

To me, a Role model is that person whom you look up to and wish you had his or her traits and who can go as far as encouraging you in your dreams. I have lots of people I look up to, some are musicians others writers or family members. But among them all, my greatest role model is my mother.

My mom is that person I always look up to when am tied up somewhere with discouragement. Whenever that happens, the only thing I do is to think of her and her courage. She is a kind of person who never gets discouraged no matter the obstacle in front of her. My mom will always smile even when she knows that food is finished at home. She wouldn’t make me know rather, she will go out and work so hard so as to provide for us. With this, I wish every day to be like her.

One of the trait that my mom has which makes me look up to her as a Role model is her wisdom. I always wondered how my mom will share a little pot off rice to the whole family and everyone gets satisfied. I guess it’s a gift from the almighty to her because even as grown as I am, I still see it as impossible. Anyway, I wish to have her wisdom and apply it to my activities.

My mom does not only have wisdom and courage, she is also a very hard working woman. Words cannot describe how hard working she is because she never gets tired of working. She does all sort of jobs without feeling discouraged or tired. My mom teaches and also farms by the side even more than full time farmers. Whenever I have low spirits, thinking of her is enough to boast my morals.

When I’m low and my knees can’t reach, when I feel helpless, I look up in the skies and do nothing but call on my mom. She has a magical way of talking to me and I will be alright. She always guides me when the road is dim, when I need directions or when am lost and confused in my choices and I sure will choose right.

My mom is my greatest role model as I earlier said and there is no limit in the sky I won’t fly for her. She inspires me to be a better person not because she is my mom but rather through the examples she showers on me.