Contributed by: Emiliene Alemkeng

Religion has become a competitive source of revenue in our societies nowadays. Pastors and Prophets exploit innocent and desperate souls through Religion and fake prophecies. However, some of them are disgraced on a daily basis and sent to jail as some citizens become more sensitised and aware of them. This is the case of one pastor in the city of Douala who was exposed after several fake prophecies.

According to an eye witness, this fake pastor in his sitting-room-church has been running his so called church for about six months. Six months of which the neighborhood had no rest at night due to the lousiness of the church though with few members. According to them, this pastor carries out his worship day in day out and does not give a break. Several complains had been made to no avail rather he said if the people feel disturbed, its only because they are witches and wizards.

He collected lots of money from his few worshipers whom he had brain washed, made false prophecies about their family members thus created a lot of distrust among them. A particular woman in anger confessed to have given 150000f to this pastor to deliver her sick son. He collected the money, made his meditations and told her that her brother was responsible for her son’s condition. She then went and wrongly accused her brother who rather advised her to take her son to the hospital instead of any prophet. She did and the doctor diagnosed him of malaria and that justified why her son was acting abnormal.

It equally turned out that the pastor does more than dupe people. He maltreats and rapes a young girl under his custody for deliverance. His neighbors complained that a young girl’s voice is heard crying bitterly every night and when they once asked him, he claimed he was just getting out the evil spirits in her. It was actually discovered that the young girl of about 12 had been raped several times and could not even speak out of fear.

All this angered several families, friends and neighbors who planned and got him well beaten and burned all his properties most especially the ones he used in having his fake sermons. Right now, this young man is at the point of death. Perhaps it’s just what he deserves for ruining people’s lives .We should however be vigilant about Religious propaganda no matter how desperate we may be so that we don’t get in to the same situation.