Contributed by: Emiliene Alemkeng

One morning while reading Extension du domaine de la lutte, by Michel Houellebecq, I was so moved I wrote my first poem ever and that’s how I knew art beget art. Since then I have been inspired to discover myself in different ways through art.  All creative works be it music, movies, dance or books makes my creative juices to spike in amazing ways.

Music for me is the most inspirational thing in the universe. Just listening to songs of different genres gives me an insight into the emotional state of the artists, most times it seems as though we were taking the creative journey together. Whenever listen to music especially RnB, I simply go “gaga”.  Both my mind and body transcend, taking my spirit to realms unimagined. This might seem unconventional but at times when I am studying, I put my earpiece on and of course I don’t forget to put the volume to the fullest and believe me or not, that makes studies pleasurable and easy to understand for me. Music, Music, Music, that’s just how my days are spent when I am at home, because without music I get a little bored especially if I’m performing routine chores. Music makes me work faster and reduce the stress of exertion.

Though music inspires me; books equally stimulates my mind in the production of my own creative endeavors. Whenever I read a fantastic book, I believe in me and that I can also be a voice of the voiceless through the creation of books that carries a message of empowerment. Reading Virginia Woolf for instance, motivates me to fight for the rights of young girls to education. Linus Asong incites the desire for personal integrity and hard work.

Books energize me to achieve my dreams as oppose to movies that rather relaxes my spirit and inspire a feeling of harmony and enjoyment. Whenever I am stressed up, I just need to watch a romantic movie and my stress flies away giving me a tranquil mindset and lures me to sleep. We all know that a good night’s sleep is important for our health and well-being. I begin my day with a smile with the certainty that I can achieve my dreams and have a great day. When you think it, you can do it.

Getting inspired can be a complicated feat, if you find something that motivates you, hang on it no matter how absurd it might seem to other people. Do the things that make you happy and your goals will be reachable.