People find motivation in unlikely places; it can be from nature, religion, art, another human being and more. This category titled MOTIVATIONAL TALES is intended to share the unique things that inspire ordinary people that can teach us something. The following stories share a recurrent theme: inspiration derived from the creative arts and this brings to mind a line in an old poem; “oh for a book and a shady nook, either indoors or out…” Enjoy reading and don’t forget to leave a comment. You are welcome to share your own story source of inspiration if you are motivated.

Contributed by: Solange Chin

It may sound astonishing that at a certain age, some people still lack self-confidence by always feeling mediocre to others. This inferiority complex has many causes one of which is being ill-treated by the one you love. I used to be one of these people.

It is often said that “Love is blind” but I tell you when it’s your first time, it is not only blind, it is also deaf and dumb; it makes you do things you would never have imagined yourself doing. My negative love experience shattered me and made me to lose confidence in myself. The early phase of the relationship was so exhilarating that I lost myself trying to please him. I was in love and very much attached to my significant other. The fact that I was much younger than him gave him totally control over me in all issues. Although he was financially stable, I never depended on him financially because I was a good hustler and could take care of my needs and still afford to spoil him with gifts.

After a few years in the relationship, I loved him even more but he had changed completely overtime; he had become distant and aloof towards me. He also became a dictator, taking all the decisions in the relationship unilaterally. He practically stopped me from working whenever I found a new job especially if it was a “white collar” one since he wasn’t doing so well at the time. He cheated on me often and always made me feel I had no value in comparison to the other ladies; because he knew I loved him too much to leave. It weighed me down to a point where I completely lost touch with the real me.

Then I started listening to music which became my source of solace. I found comfort in heeding to it and friends encouraged me too; then one day I listened to a song by Tatiana Manois titled “Like You” and I felt like she was talking to me directly. The song totally changed my way of thinking. Listening to the song, the chorus revived me and I started building that self-confidence that I had lost and learnt to take decisions in my relationship. It has greatly boosted the lioness in me and pushed me to work harder since I have learnt to understand my worth and to leave the toxic relationship. I also know my value as an individual in a society that needs everyone to contribute to its growth.

To all ladies out there do not allow anybody try to change the real you because no matter how you are, you are important, and might be an inspiration to somebody. You have something to offer which no other person can. “People will find you but they don’t define you”.